Red Sox's broadcaster lost tooth during blowout (Video)

They say that if you dream of losing teeth, you’re a afraid of aging. But what does it mean if you lose a tooth at a baseball game?You’ll have to ask NESN’s Boston Red Sox color commentator, Jerry Remy.

While the Red Sox were getting absolutely rocked by the Cubs with a final score of 16-9, the commentators took solace in the missing tooth of Remy, and their commentary is absolutely hilarious.

Don Orsillo says Remy has a case of summer teeth, sum’ ‘er there sum aren’t — OK, that’s not that funny. But the rest of the inning is priceless. Osrillo proclaims himself a dentist and wants desperately to convince Remy to let him perform the operation and bang it back in.

They take a break in the tooth commentary only once to briefly mention a home run, but who cares, right? The tooth is still out of Remy’s head. Eventually they get pliers and call for a hammer to complete the dentistry. The on-air banter includes the allusions to the tooth fairy. Watch this video. You’ll laugh as hard as they do.

Remy says that he thinks it’s just a cap and that the tooth came from the back of his mouth, so at least he doesn’t look homeless. The tooth itself, he proclaims, does not look very good. He also mentions that it has a nail in it. Who is his dentist? Remind me never to see that doctor. Remy is over charged, no doubt — especially with one as able as Orsillo right next to him.

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