NBA Free Agency 2014: Five reasons LeBron James should leave the Miami Heat

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Up until last night, free agency had trudged on slowly. Role players were being overpaid (Hi Chris Kaman and Ben Gordon). Highly sought after free agents returned home (Kyle Lowry, Marcin Gortat). It was enough to remain interested, but it lacked the #WOJBOMBS and WTF’s we’d secretly hoped for. There was little movement in regards to the Miami Heat as LeBron James and Chris Bosh were on vacation while Dwayne Wade did Dwyane Wade stuff. Carmelo Anthony was slowly going through the interview process, hoping to be wooed by some franchise. But toward the end of the day, things began to gain speed. LeBron James’ agent met with several teams in Cleveland. Phoenix wants to pair up James/Chris Bosh or James/Anthony. Houston was denied access to James. The biggest star on the planet had finally become the face of the biggest free agent news.

With the Miami Heat countlessly striking out on targets, the possibility of James leaving South Beach began to grow higher and higher, going from “there’s no way he leaves Miami” to “THERE’S A CHANCE”.

And after several minutes of overseeing the situation, I’ve decided that James should leave the Miami Heat and have provided 5 sound reasons behind the thought along with explanations.

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