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Fireworks show turns into fire at Lancaster minor league game (Video)

At this point it sounds like the crew that is charged with the fireworks shows at the Lancaster JetHawks’ minor league park should reconsider their approach to things. Their fireworks show on Saturday night resulted in an actual fire beyond the outfield fences.

Worse yet, this is not the first time that Lancaster has struggled with a fireworks show and had it turn into a fire. A little over one year ago they had an incident with a fire that resulted in multiple injuries. Thankfully there were no injuries this time around, though one would seriously hope that this results in sweeping changes when it comes to Lancaster firework shows.

Minor league parks, generally more quaint in nature, often have nothing more than grass or expansive fields beyond their outfield walls. Rarely are there actual bleachers in the outfield seats. This creates a different feel and allows for an increased measure of intimacy with firework shows. That said, such an environment also calls for more caution with these displays.

As Lancaster reminded us once again, you might set some outfield signs on fire if you don’t handle things appropriately.

Check out some surprisingly clear footage of the fire below.

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