Kendall Gill, Jimmy Jackson, Michael Jordan, and the shoes. (Video)

Kendall Gill had a very long NBA career on multiple NBA teams, so he’s seen his fair share of basketball. This also means he has a lot of stories. The one he told during today’s Orlando Summer League might be my favorite. While talking about all the different shoes the players were wearing, Gill’s eyes caught the Jordan’s that were being worn and this began a story.

The stars are Jimmy Jackson and Michael Jordan, with Gill observing. On the then New Jersey Nets at the time, Jackson and Gill were up against Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. According to Gill, Jackson had 20+ points on Jordan in the 1st half. Now, anybody that knows Jackson from his Fab 5 days knows that Jackson likes to get talkative when he’s playing well. Or as Gill put it “Jimmy continues to talk Mess to Superman. Now you can’t do that”

So Jackson keeps talking. After awhile, Jordan gets tired of Jackson’s talking. MJ was never a stranger to trash talk himself. The man once shot a free throw with his eyes closed and told the player he was talking with, “This is for you.”

This in my opinion tops the blind free throw. Jordan looks down, and says to Jackson “You know, you’re talking a lot of stuff to have my shoes on”. Boom. Over. There’s no come back to that.

On the scale of great trash talk stories, this one is up there. Not much can beat shutting someone up with the power of your own brand.

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