July 22, 2012; Paris, FRANCE; Bradley Wiggins (GBR), in yellow, and Mark Cavendish (GBR) during stage twenty of the 2012 Tour de France in Paris. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Prevost/Presse Sports via USA TODAY Sports

Tour de France riders wish fans would stop taking on-course selfies

The Tour de France has changed a lot in the 350 years (or however long it’s been) since the race first began. One notable thing that’s different now for riders than it was in the early days: all the idiots walking onto the course to take selfies.

The selfie didn’t even exist as a thing when the Tour de France was young. Hell, the selfie wasn’t even much of a thing five years ago. But now it’s a thing – a huge huge throbbing thing – and it’s becoming a major problem as more fools throw caution to the wind just to get that awesome shot to post on Facebook.

This is the kind of thing we’re talking about. This person is actually PROUD of their behavior here.

Believe me, the riders have taken note of this stuff. How can they possibly not notice the meatheads blocking their path as they ride their bikes sometimes at high speeds along the hard asphalt roads? Several riders have voiced their concerns about the mounting selfie scourge. Tejay van Garderen tweeted this:

Zak Dempster had this to say:

The riders aren’t just being spoilsports or haters here. There is a major safety issue involved when people put themselves in the path of speeding bicycles. Also, people who take selfies just suck. So it’s a societal thing too.

Any way you slice it, people taking selfies on the Tour de France course are absolute nincompoops who deserve to be sterilized. Stop it people, or we will be forced to take action (but probably not).

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