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Zydrunas Ilaguaskas, Cavaliers' plane in Miami, what is going on

The internet and social was set ablaze when there were reports that a plane, reportedly owned by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, was headed to Miami. This of course led to rampant speculation that he was headed to South Beach to bring home the Akron Hammer, LeBron James.

Reporters went to the airport to see who was on the plane, because Gilbert denied being on it. Reportedly it was former Cavs center Zydrunas Ilaguaskas, who continues to have ties to the organization, that was on the plane.

But there is so much uncertainty and there has been plenty of back and forth and Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio breaks down the back and forth between the different versions of the story.

Obviously, all of this led to intense speculation the Cavs and Ilguaskas were in Miami, or near Miami, to make a free-agent pitch to Heat star LeBron James. None of these rumors, of course, have been verified. Although it’s hard to doubt photographic evidence from a respected news organization such as the AP.

Several sources told FOX Sports Ohio that Ilgauskas was not on the plane. Rather, it was said he was already in Miami. Sources also said the Cavs took an entire group there. Meanwhile, some sources would neither confirm nor deny anything involving the Cavs, Florida, or James because of the sensitivity of the subject.

The story doesn’t end there. There is back and forth over the Cavaliers chances of getting LeBron to return. Some said there was a contigent in Miami, presumably to pitch a return to Cleveland, then flip flopped to say LeBron wouldn’t return.

One source who said there was a Cavs contingent in Miami would provide no other information, only to say the trip was something that came together fairly quickly.

The same source later said of James: “A few years ago (the Cavs) were told he would never return. Never is getting closer.” The source warned, however, that no agreement between the Cavs and James was in place.

Good luck surviving this week of NBA free agency.

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