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Blogger hired to defend Redskins name has quit after Twitter attacks

The Washington Redskins thought the PR campaign on behalf of their much-maligned team nickname would be aided by hiring a blogger whose sole job was to defend said questionable name online. Unfortunately the guy they hired just didn’t have the stomach for it and he up and quit after only two weeks on the job.

Blogger Ben Tribett says he quit his position as Redskins name blogger because things just got too intense on Twitter. It wasn’t because he was outed as a hypocrite after someone turned up a 2006 article in which he slammed Senator George Allen (brother of Redskins GM Bruce Allen) for using a slur, linking to a page that listed “redskin” as an example of a slur?

It also wasn’t because of those tweets people discovered in which Tribett himself used slurs in a tirade against a Native-American at an Indian casino?

It was because people were too mean to him on Twitter. The guy hired to willingly place himself squarely at the center of a heated controversy couldn’t stand the backlash and had to quit.

Or did the Redskins recognize how seriously this guy’s credibility was compromised after the revelations listed above and tell him to resign before they fired him? Guessing it was more that than anything.

Brilliant PR campaign by the Redskins. Every move they make simply adds to the impression that they are a bunch of clueless bozos. Who embrace racism.

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