Chris Bosh Free Agency: 5 Reasons To Choose The Rockets

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While the NBA world holds its breath and waits for the LeBron James domino to fall, not every team is being so patient. Some teams, like the Houston Rockets, have realized that now is the time to strike before the King and Carmelo Anthony make their free agency decisions and turn the NBA landscape upside down. By making Chris Bosh a max offer yesterday, the Rockets have put some pressure on LeBron and the Miami Heat, but most of it falls on Bosh for the moment.

After falling short of the title this year, Bosh, James and Dwyane Wade all opted out of their contracts and many thought it was so that the Big Three could restructure their deals, take less money and be able to afford the kind of free agent(s) that would make them overwhelming title favorites again next season. But James reportedly wants a max deal and so does Bosh, so with each passing day and no word from the King, Houston’s offer becomes a little more enticing, even to a guy who would prefer playing with LeBron next season no matter what.

However, if James truly is giving the Cleveland Cavaliers an ear and if the Heat did lowball Chris Bosh in their meeting as reports say, then it’s entirely possible we’ve witnessed the end of the Big Three. With that in mind, here are five reasons why his home state Houston Rockets are Bosh’s best choice no matter what ends up happening over the next few days.

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  • J Taylor

    Aren’t 3 of the reasons all the same?
    How about:
    1) Dysfunctional system and flaws with the top 2 stars.
    2) Living in Houston and the 8th largest media market.
    3) Still not the best team in the division and might not make it out of 2nd round.
    4) Bosh has never played with a dominant center and would have to change his game.
    5) Doesn’t solve the fact that Howard is a 1-dimensional defensive player with a 50% free throw and Hardin is a streaky 1-dimensional ISO offensive player.

    Bosh would be better in Chicago or Miami.