Apr 12, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Phoenix Suns forward Channing Frye (8) reacts to his team missing a shot against the Dallas Mavericks during the second half at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeated the Suns 101-98 and clinched a spot in the NBA playoffs. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Why the Orlando Magic agreed to a deal with Channing Frye

On Monday, the Orlando Magic made a move that surprised many, agreeing to a four-year, $32 million deal with former Phoenix Suns’ big man Channing Frye.

It certainly isn’t a surprise Frye was signed and although he is 31 years old and missed the 2012-2013 season because of heart issues and it wasn’t even that big of a surprise he got $8 million. Many were just surprised it wasn’t a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors, who were both reportedly interested in acquiring a big that can knock down shots from the outside and the stretch the floor like Frye, that was able to scoop him up.

Frye, however, might be exactly what the Magic needed. Nate Duncan of Basketball Insiders explains why the Magic agreed to a deal with Frye.

If the contract declines in value, which is how I’d have structured it as the Magic since they have so much space this year, perhaps it’s not that bad by the end even with Frye 35 by the end, since the cap will go up and his salary will go down…

Just wait and see what Frye does for the Orlando offense this year though with his shooting. He will be sorely needed since they’re going to be playing guys like Payton, Gordon, and Oladipo big minutes and those guys are not plus shooters. He can space the floor for them. Another option would be if the Magic signed him to trade him away later. Tons of contenders would love Frye, especially if his contract declines as I suggested earlier.

Frye averaged 11.1 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game while shooting 43.2% from the floor, 37.0% from beyond the arc and 82.1% from the charity stripe.

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  • FejsFuk Čekić

    the answer to the title question is: because they want to suck on d-fence and they needed a defencive black hole for 8 mil a year (for 4 years lol) / some nba gm’s are just plain stupid / on the other hand i have to bow down to channing and his agent on the deal they made CONGRATS, i thought he would get 3 x 4mil max in some gutter like cleveland

    • Osceola71

      Actually, as was pointed out on another website, Frye is unique as a three point shooter in that the vast majority of his attempts come from the top, not the corners. We have guys who are slashers (Oladipo, Payton) and guys who are more mid range shooters (Vuc, Harris) who will now have more space because of Frye, B. Gordon, and Fourniers ability to shoot from three. If Harkess shoots the three as well as he did last year, so much the better. Frye is basically a replacement for Ryan Anderson, who also liked to shoot the three from up top. Frye also defends the pick and roll better than Ryno did. This lineup actually has some potential, particularly with the ability to mix up the lineup to create mismatches and if we can acquire a difference maker at trade time, we might actually be turning the corner.

      • FejsFuk Čekić

        i agree totally, and magic have nice young pieces, but you will realize in the first 2 games how bad he is on d-fence / yeah bad is an understatment what he is is PATHETIC on d-fence, he got basicaly destroyed every night by his man last year, and is overvhelmed all the time so he mises structural asigments all the time / he lost phx at least 5 games last year in the last seconds because he coldn’t guard his man or missed a d-fencive asigment

        • Osceola71

          As all the metrics experts are pointing out, he was huge plus offensively and won more games than he lost for them. (The Suns were 4.5 % better on points per possession when he was on the court.) He is considered to be the main reason for the Suns improvement and also experts say he is very undervalued on pick and roll defense. Using the same analogy, you could say Dwight Howard was responsible for many more loses because he couldn’t make free throws at the end of a game.

          No player is perfect offensively and defensively; book out many teams are chasing Carmelo, who wouldn’t play defense if his life depended on it.

          • FejsFuk Čekić

            go read comments about his d-fence by suns fans on valley of the sun but you don’t need to just wait for the season and after a couple of games you’ll know what i mean