LaDainian Tomlinson selling absurd mansion

Are you a huge fan of LaDanian Tomlinson and can’t get enough of his memorabilia? Do you have about $3.5 million in change laying under your recliner in your ‘man-cave’? Then the video below is something you might be interest in.

Tomlinson, the former NFL star is selling his mansion in California. The 13 acre play ground comes complete with two lots in an private community and almost 10,000 square feet of living space. The five bedroom, six bath home include a swimming pool with a rope bridge and waterfall. No need to get lazy here it also has it’s own basketball court, private golf area with a sand trap, a wall that is an aquarium, and a wine cellar.

Still not impressed? How about a secret room that you can only get to by moving a bookcase! Behind it? A man cave with a movie theater.

The home also features a four car garage and two additional garages that are for the guest house so you have some place to stick your in-laws when they decide to move in with you.

The house is insanely beautiful and you would all like to start a collection for me, I would be more than happy to take this off the market.



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  • veazy

    Isn’t this the place LT used for a turf commercial?

  • Robert Fairbanks

    He is taking a big dump in the price it is listed for, and what he has in it. About five million of over improvement, and now selling it to go live in Waco Texas! Not a smart move for one of the more conservative former players in the NFL.

  • arnie

    If anyone wonders why NFL players go broke? This is where their money goes….