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Chris Broussard notes cold climate as reason that Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett could be traded to Minnesota (Video)

The Cleveland Cavaliers took over the world of sports news on Friday with the announcement from LeBron James was coming back home.

That news immediately spurred on the business of basketball, however, with a number of big moves expected to fall now that James’ decision is known. The Cavaliers are square in the middle of all of those moves, thanks in large part to their interest in a trade for Kevin Love to bolster the roster around King James.

In the meantime, it has been a tough day for Chris Broussard. The ESPN reporter, the guy who is supposed to have all the sources and scoop breaking news, did not land the James news. That instead went to Lee Jenkins, the Sports Illustrated writer who helped James craft a first-person essay about his return.

Despite the fact that James wrote the darn essay himself, Broussard still felt the need to “confirm” the news on Sportscenter. That’s a joke.

Broussard didn’t stop there, however. In dropping some knowledge about a potential Cavaliers-Timberwolves deal, Broussard discussed the inclusion of Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett in a potential deal. He went on to say that a deal might work because Wiggins and Bennett, both from Canada, would transition well to Minnesota because it is also cold there…like Canada. Seriously.

Hold on just a minute, Chris Broussard. You better get some sources and confirm that it is actually cold in Minnesota before you go live with that kind of reporting.

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