Baseball first pitch features strip tease (Video)

I’m really not quite sure how to start this one off, but apparently baseball in Taiwan is a lot more fun than in the states. At least that is what a recent first pitch would seem to indicate.

Earlier this week, a Taiwanese baseball team named the Lamigo Monkeys (seriously) held yet another bizarre ceremonial first pitch, but this one came with a happy ending.

A yoga instructor went through her warm up routine before ripping off her leopard-printed jersey and tossing the pitch.

Quite honestly, I can’t recall whether or not the pitch was a ball or a strike.

No more words are needed.

Just check it out for yourself in the video below:

Nothing gets the blood boiling more than a quality first pitch… I guess.

The Lamigo Monkeys also seem to have a thing for scantily clad women throwing out the first pitch, so take it away, Lamigo Monkeys.

The players have to love game day.

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