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Apr 16, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks forward Amar

Knicks, Sixers unlikely to make Amare Stoudemire trade

A few days ago, news broke suggesting the New York Knicks had spoken to the Philadelphia 76ers about a potential trade that would have sent Amare Stoudemire and Iman Shumpurt to the City of Brotherly Love. Such a move was rather questionable on behalf of the Sixers considering they’d have to absorb the $23 million dollar contract of Stoudemire.

Still, the report seemed to have some validity given the sources and the fact that the Sixers could end up with Shumpurt as part of the deal. However, the trade is looking more and more unlikely as Jared Zwerling suggests a source close to the New York Knicks power forward hints such a deal appears dead.

With Carmelo Anthony all but agreeing to return to the Knicks, it’s unknown what the team will attempt to do with Amare Stoudemire moving forward. His contract only runs through the upcoming season and considering the $11.5 million dollar contract of Andrea Bargnani also expires at the same time, the Knicks will have some potential cap room to play with. Given that, it may make the most sense to let their contracts run out and attempt to re-build around Carmelo Anthony starting next season.

Regardless, no matter if Amare Stoudemire remains on the roster for the remainder of the season or not, it’s likely to be another year of building towards a better goal in the Big Apple as the Knicks remain handcuffed by the absurd salaries clogging their roster.

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