Jun 17, 2014; Davie, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey (51) looks on during mini-camp at Miami Dolphins Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey accused of assault at Miami Beach club

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are allegedly living up to their reputations yet again. The brothers, who both play offensive line in the NFL, have been accused of assaulting a man at Cameo nightclub in Miami Beach during their birthday party Friday night (story first reported by Ryan Cortes of the Palm Beach New Times).

“Event host” Ricky Vasquez claimed in a tweet early Saturday morning that he was jumped by several men including the Pouncey brothers. Vasquez then tweeted that his tooth was chipped, and threatened to take action against the Pounceys.

Perhaps the most damning of all Vasquez’s tweets was this one implying that there was a hate crime element to the whole incident:

Vasquez then upped the ante by posting several Instagram videos of himself looking very distraught.

Vasquez recounts in the video clips what happened at the club:

I didn’t know that stuff like this actually f–king happens to people. All I can remember is standing in a crowded club and this big guy keeps hitting me in my back, I look at him and I’m like, OK, he’s obviously turned up. And he just keeps hitting me. I ignore it. I keep ignoring the guy — he’s calling me a f—-t. I realize that there’s two of the guys. Now they’re both in my face. The next thing I know, Honey tries to break it up. One of them punches Honey in the face, the other one punches me or the same one, I don’t know. Security comes.

The woman named in Vasquez’s account, Honey, also posted to Instagram, showing a welt on her forehead that she alleges was inflicted by the Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey.

Honey says:

Went inside @Cameomia 10 minutes just to be punched in my face by Marquise [sic] Pouncey for trying to stop him and his brother mike from beating the s–t out of my friend @irickyvasquez. Filed a report even though the Police said nothing probably will be done about this situation. These athletes get on all these f–kin drugs and act an ass knowing they will be protected by these clubs because of how much money they spend in their clubs but I’m not gonna let this s–t rest. I’m a female and I won’t Stand for no man putting their hands on me.

You want to talk about a messy situation? Yikes. This is going to take some time to sort out.

Oh, by the way, Cameo was the same club where the Pounceys were notoriously photographed wearing “Free Aaron Hernandez” hats. Yeah. They might want to consider staying home more often.

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  • regis kampmeyer

    I think it’s time for the rooney’s to sell the team to a profestional management group,so the steelers can have new coaches that know what they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bk

    I sure am glad that the Steelers rewarded himwith a huge contract coming off an injury and now this thug behavior and anti=gay behavior… Oh well, at least the Punceyd were not bullying a teammate becasue that is so much worse than physically attacking someone. NFL and Goodell along with the media punks are worthless POS.