Feb 8 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Los Angeles Clippers point guard Eric Bledsoe (12) is pressured by Miami Heat point guard Norris Cole (30) and power forward Udonis Haslem (40) during the first half at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency 2014: Miami Heat interested in Eric Bledsoe?

With LeBron James gone to Cleveland, the Miami Heat have some extra cash sitting around. They’ve signed Chris Bosh to a max deal. Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem are currently working out deals. Now the front office is looking elsewhere and according to Probasketballdraft, they have their eyes set on dynamic point guard Eric Bledsoe.

While Miami is open to roster additions that can make a true impact, it’s difficult seeing South Beach as the landing spot for one of the best up-and-coming point guards in the NBA.

With the right moves Pat Riley could have his team back in the Eastern Conference finals.

With Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons being offered max contracts, it’s safe to say that Bledsoe and his management (who happens to be the same as LeBron’s) are going to demand the same. The figures aren’t in on Haslem and Wade’s deal, but those two could net in something close to $15 million per season. Once you factor in the Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts deals that makes it virtually impossible to offer the full max to Bledsoe.

There’s the fact that Bledsoe is a restricted free agent meaning whatever deal Miami is able to offer Bledsoe, the Phoenix Suns will have the ability to max.

To add fire to the potential flames, over the 72 hour period the Suns will have to match any offer from Miami, the Heat’s cap space will be tied up, forcing them to miss out on other players they’ll consider for signing.

Whether the two parties ever get to this stage, it’s a good sign for Heat fans to see the franchise being proactive. They don’t have LeBron James anymore, but with the right moves Pat Riley could have his team back in the Eastern Conference finals.

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  • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

    Maybe Phoenix doesn’t match now that they have Dragic and Thomas under contract.

    • chase

      No, the match regardless. Bledsoe is an asset. you at least sign and trade.

      • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

        Probably. Of course you run the risk of getting stuck with redundant contracts or having to trade on unfavorable terms. After all, cap space is an asset too.

        Had Houston been unable to move Lin and Asik, i think that fear impacts decision making more than it will. Doubt Bledsoe is available, at least as a free agent.

        • chase

          Thing is you can keep all 3 and have an elite rotation. Or you have the flexability to trade one to a team in desperate need.

          Its an insurance plan for bledsoes knees and dragics possible departure.

          • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

            I’m not denying the reasons for wanting to hold onto him. I’m just saying there are some counterpoints that might have swayed decision making if you didn’t have such a seller’s market right now.

  • fidel305

    Like the idea of this, but don’t see how it gets done with Bledsoe having James POS hi school dropout hanger on agentt, Paul

    he doesn’t like riles for cutting off the entourages freebies and access to the team plane and facilities

    and Riles probably won’t deal with him for conning him

    besides, isnt the guy in the biogenisis book who picked up the monthly HGH for “L.J.” named Paul

  • Meirsch.

    Is anybody else starting to get the sense that maybe Bledsoe doesn’t want to be here? That impression started back during his comments about an extension–though that sort of rooking is pretty standard, when you want more money–but the fact that there’s been no comment from the guy about his contract intentions or having a desire to stick with the Suns (Despite their openly-stated commitment to keeping him around) is starting to get a bit conspicuous. Especially with the Thomas contract.

    But like Chase said, the sign-and-trade should still happen, even if it doesn’t work out.