Cleveland fan hilariously alters old LeBron James jersey

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When LeBron James left Cleveland in favor of South Beach in 2010, the fans in Ohio were upset to say the least. In fact, these fans were nearly inconsolable wrecks as they lambasted their former hero and burned his jerseys in a pyre.

The national media was all over the story as fans throughout Ohio said goodbye to “The King” with vitriol and petrol. For the few fans that did not burn their LeBron jerseys, they vandalized the pieces of cloth with words of hate.

Now, four years later, LeBron James is returning to Cleveland as a two time NBA champion hoping to bring a title back to his hometown. While it certainly won’t be an easy task, the fans in Ohio have welcomed back the best player on earth with open arms.

Some fans dusted off their old LeBron No. 23 jerseys that had been stuffed in the attic for the past few years, while others had to make some slight alterations in order to once again don the LeBron jersey.

It is great to see that LeBron no longer “sucks”, but in fact he now “rocks”.

Let’s not get too hard on Cleveland fans, as watching LeBron leave was one of the most difficult things a sports fan could deal with. To watch LeBron win his first two titles in Miami must have been painstakingly awful as well.

Now only time will tell whether or not LeBron can bring a title back to Cleveland.

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