Apr 13, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert (21) drives to the basket during the second half against the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden. New York Knicks defeat the Chicago Bulls 100-89. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

New York Knicks Rumors: Iman Shumpert being offered in trade packages

The New York Knicks have found a way to convince Carmelo Anthony to re-sign with the team and now that Phil Jackson has pulled off that miracle — as anticlimactic as it was — the next move is to start shedding bad contracts from the roster to free up cap space to try and fit another top free agent on the books to help Melo.

Jackson sold Melo on keeping his legacy in New York and building a title-worthy team around him which means he needs to work fast to make good on his word this season. Melo is signed for the next five years, but he’ll want to start competing within the first two, and Jackson is willing to go to extreme measures to rid himself of baggage players.

According to Sean Deveney of The Sporting News, the Knicks are willing to offer top guard Iman Shumpert in trade packages that sees New York rid itself of the likes of J.R. Smith, Amare Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani.

There are also holdovers Amare Stoudemire, Andrea Bargnani and J.R. Smith, any of whom can be had in a trade for a satchel of magic beans and a wink. Jackson is said to be willing to include Iman Shumpert in any deal that would rid him of his roster baggage.

This is something we’ve been hearing fr about a week now and it makes some sense. Shumpert isn’t a guy the Knicks will give away, as they need him as their top guard but have Tim Hardaway Jr quickly rising in the ranks to take over that role. Losing Shumpert is something the Knicks might not want to do but they’ve shopped him in the past to get a first-round pick and ridding themselves of roster baggage is another good reason to shop Shumpert if it’s for th greater good.

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  • Alfredo Jones

    Another smart move by P Jax. Get some value out of Shumpert while he still has some. Hardaway is way better anyway. Get some defensive help, a perimeter shooter, a rim protector, something they need. Shumpert, Hardaway and Smith is 1 too many two-guards. If the Knicks have any shot in the next few years of competing with the cavs and Pacers, they should dump Shump. For now, looks like the Cavs will control the East

    • Da_Neutral_Observer

      Shumpert’s recurring knee problems are not mentioned in this story. This is the real reason the Knicks should shed him from the roster sooner rather than later. Something is better than nothing trade-wise, but ultimately if they DON’T dump the Shump, they may be playing him on borrowed time.

  • Speaksnow

    I hope they prioritize who they “dump”. Jax will be using a specific system, and players with certain skills are better than others in it. I love Stat, he is a class act, but the ball tends to stop with him. Bags is a mystery, nice skills, and he could be a Pau Gasol type. But the guy just gives the appearance of not caring. Jax guys don’t typically have that persona – think of Kobe, Michael, Scottie, Fisher, Shack, Pau, or any key Jax player giving the appearance of not caring. That leaves us the real head scratcher, Smith. This guy has all the talent in the world. When he has his head on straight he is fun to watch. The problem is he doesn’t often have his head on straight. I can’t think of players Jax turned around. He tends to find “his” players, and puts them in a position to succeed. Could Smith be the guy that Jax can flip the switch on?

    So, I would keep the bone head, roll the dice with the class act fitting into the system, and dump the guy that just doesn’t seem to care.

    • KnicksFan

      Overall I agree, but I wont mind seeing Shump/STAT/Barg/Smith go with the right deal. I like STAT a lot so all knick fans will wish him well, and salute him if/when he returns to MSG. Too bad he couldn’t ” Opt-Out and we pay him 30% more spread over 2 years to free up cap space now ( but that would hurt space later)….STAT is a contribut

    • TRC7EastNyTheory


  • KnicksFan

    I like Pat Riley’s press conference ” This stuff is hard” … Fisher and Jax might get to JR and have him step up and reach his potential. Didn’t JAx have Rodman and MWP? SO lets get players to hold each other accountable. Otherwise trade him next season, unless you get a good deal ,Knicks need points and shooters now, But everything ( including STAT,Barg,Shump,Smith) should be on the table.
    But we need some more changes, just getting rid of Chandler and Felton not yet enough.