Kevin Love Trade: 5 Best Potential Destinations

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With all the free agency focus on LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, the NBA has taken its eye off the ball of potential Kevin Love trades. But now that this summer’s major pieces are set, the conversation has returned to Love and the best potential offers the Minnesota Timberwolves might entertain for their three-time All-Star.

Love is widely regarded as one of the top 10 players in the NBA today and averaged 26.1 points, 12.5 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game last season while shooting 45.7 percent from the field and 37.6 percent from three-point range. Love is a double-double machine who can spread defenses thin with his ability to knock down perimeter shots.

LeBron’s return to the Cleveland Cavaliers makes them an attractive destination for Love, and who could say a LeBron-Kyrie Irving-Kevin Love trio wouldn’t be awesome to watch? But there are plenty of other teams that have something to offer both Minnesota AND Kevin Love for us to take a look at. In order, here are the five best potential trades for Kevin Love and why they’d work for both teams.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    SMH, because i don’t understand, why would cleveland want to give up anything more than waiters and draft picks for 1 extra year of Love, the Wolves are not in a position of strength BUT the Cavs are h3ll bent on
    putting them in one !… there are guys like blatche, turner and others out there, Why not looking into getting Cousins? i would even lob a phone call to lance to gauge his interest on a 1 or 2 year deal

    • Da_Neutral_Observer

      It’s all about winning a championship TODAY, not tomorrow. Not impossible, but much more likely for Cleveland if they have Kevin Love. You say one more year, but if Love works out, obviously the Cavs would try to sign him to something longer down the road. Much easier if he already plays for them.

    • Johnny Bigrig

      SMH at why certain people always use “SMH” Is there a meeting the rest of us don’t know about where acceptable acronyms, casual wear, and expressions are vollied about? Aside from that, you don’t have to worry Cleveland supposedly overpaying by offering Waiters and draft picks, because regardless of what moronic Cleveland fans think, that is pure trash that is laughed off the trade table.

  • Don Andrew Halvorson

    This article didn’t include the Bulls. That’s what I don’t get. Detroit is not happening. The Celtics missed their chance by not making a move before the draft. Golden State doesn’t have the draft picks. Phoenix wouldn’t be able to sign him long term. On the other hand, Chicago would have a legitimate chance to sign him long term, and they need to make a move to stay competitive in the conference. Real assets, legitimate fit, and possible destination, and they weren’t included. But, he’s the Cavs to lose at this point.

    • Gerald Bourguet

      The Bulls narrowly missed the cut, but bringing on Pau Gasol kind of takes them out of the running. The Wolves would have no reason to take Gasol on, the same goes for Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson/Jimmy Butler/Nikola Mirotic would gut a roster that suddenly has the Bulls looking like Eastern favorites. Love on the Bulls would be a great fit, but Chicago’s roster is pretty set now

      • ChrisChicago82

        I have to respectfully disagree on this point about the Bulls.
        While MIN would be crazy to take Boozer or Gasol, Gibson is an interesting choice. Because of the fact that both Gasol and Mirotic are on board, Gibson (who I am a HUGE fan of) becomes a little more expendable.
        If you were to package Taj with Tony Snell (who is doing Gar/Pax some huge favors by playing well in Vegas right now), Mike Dunleavy, both 2015 1st round picks (both Chicagos own pick and their trade protected pick from SAC), and a 2016 1st rounder, you have a decent offer. Better than an offer with Klay or Wiggins? No. But if neither or those two players are available from GSW and CLE, this might be the most realistic offer Flip gets.

        • Don Andrew Halvorson

          Three firsts though? Jeepers.

  • El Lobo

    Flip has no intention to trade K-Love unless 1. Klay Thompson, 2. Andrew Wiggins. Nothing less. He will hope to sign K-Love to a (Melo type 30 MILLION more than anyone else) or be happy to let him walk and have a ton of cap space to work with. No point to take on contact money for “bench” players. Better to simply bank the cap and hit the FA/Trade market in 2015 if need be. No biggie.

    • GeorgiaRed

      I gotta ask. Who do you think you’ll get with “all that cap space to work with”? Nobody wants to play in Minnesota. The only people that’d even consider going there, you’d have to VASTLY overpay & they’re probably not that good to begin with.

  • Johnny Bigrig

    100% wrong that the Cavs and Wolves are destined to work out a deal.. because they refuse to include Wiggins, there is no deal that wouldn’t be met with extreme backlash from an already apathetic fan base. Unless they can offer Waiters, Bennett, and two 1st rounders, that are unprotected, and MN’s choice WHEN to take them between now and 2025, (essentially waiting for their inevitable return to the top of the lottery) Cavs need to include Wiggins or quit wasting time.