Mar 28, 2014; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Gary Carter

Bud Selig calls Montreal 'viable candidate' for new team

Earlier this year the people of Montreal had a chance to show major league baseball that their city still deserves a team, and it seems major league baseball listened. Or at least Bud Selig did.

Speaking to baseball writers at the All-Star Game in Minneapolis, the commissioner gave a fairly strong indication that Montreal could be in line for a new team in the future.

Montreal hosted a pair of exhibition games at old Olympic Stadium in spring training and the turnout for those games was huge. Since then, there has been a renewed push for Montreal to get a team.

If Montreal does get a team, those ironic hipster Expos jerseys will no longer be ironic. They will just be regular old Expos jerseys. And of course hipsters will immediately abandon them.

The hang up for Montreal on getting a new team is the need for some team to leave its current market and go seeking a new home. Could a team like the Marlins or Rays end up in Montreal?

Or how about the Rockies? Their owner indicated recently that Denver doesn’t really deserve a team. Maybe Montreal deserves a team?

It would be kind of cool to see the Expos back in the major leagues. But in all honesty, fan enthusiasm or not, the chances of Montreal once again joining the MLB fold seem slim at best.

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