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MLB All-Star Game 2014: Mike Trout sneaks RBI double down third base line (GIF)

Mike Trout started the scoring off for the American League early in Tuesday night’s All-Star game with a blast of an RBI triple off the right field wall. Later in the game he had another chance to drive in a run, which he did, but in this case his hit was less aesthetically pleasing.

It was still an RBI double. It just so happened that this chopper down the third base line was in an awkward spot for Aramis Ramirez to make a play and just barely stayed fair. It’s a line drive in the box score, or so the cliche goes, and with that Trout logged his second extra base hit of the night.

It seems like Trout is able to handle most any pitch and hit it hard. There is a reason that he is considered one of the great hitters in baseball and the best all-around player in the league, after all. It hardly seems fair, then, that on a pitch that he rolled over and did not hit terribly hard that it still chops the right away and results in a hit.


That seems especially cruel for the National League in this case, as they were trying to keep the go-ahead run off the board.

However it looked, Trout came through again.

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