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Seattle Mariners trade rumors: Troy Tulowitzki to be traded?

The Seattle Mariners aren’t in the market to sell this year as the MLB Trade Deadline approaches. In years past, the M’s season was long over by now and the attention was being turned to the future, but that future seems to be now and the Mariners are looking to be buyers at the deadline in perhaps big ways.

According to MLB scribe Steven Adams, the Mariners are likely one of a few teams to have called up the Colorado Rockies about Troy Tulowitzki but there shouldn’t be a trade in the near future as Rockies aren’t really looking to move one of their best players.

Realistically, they probably already have called about him. A lot of teams have, I’m sure, since his name has come up. But Dick Monfort, their owner, has said the team’s not going to move him.

Seattle looks like they’re going to be buyers at the deadline this year which is something that fans can be excited about unlike years before. It seems like decades ago that the Mariners were the best team in baseball as their 2001 season is a distant memory.

But with Robinson Cano adding flavor to the lineup, the M’s just need to find the right pieces to slide in next to him — primarily right handed hitting — and they should be back on their way to the top.

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