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Forbes' 50 most valuable sports teams in the world 2014

Forbes has released their 50 most valuable sports francises in the world list for 2014, and it is headed by the usual suspects. The soccer clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United lead the list. Followed by the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys.

The NFC East continues to dominate having three out of the four teams in the division in the top 10. The fourth NFC East franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles, come in at No. 17 valued at $1.314 billion.

The most valuable NBA franchise is the New York Knicks, coming in at Np. 13 with a value of $1.4 billion, which Forbes credits to their renovation of Madison Square Garden. The Los Angeles Lakers are the second most valuable at $1.35 billion, 15th overall. For those wondering, the Los Angeles Clippers is slated to be sold for $2 billion to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, didn’t even crack the Top 50. Forbes noted that the list was comprised before the proposed Clippers sale.

The NHL’s most valuable franchise is the Toronto Maple Leafs, who rank 26th at $1.15 billion.

30 of 32 NFL franchises made the list, the two exceptions being the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars. The rest of the list is comprised of eight soccer, six baseball, four NBA, one NHL and one Formula One team.

  1. Real Madrid ($3.44 billion)
  2. Barcelona ($3.2 billion)
  3. Manchester United ($2.81 billion)
  4. New York Yankees ($2.5 billion)
  5. Dallas Cowboys ($2.3 billion)
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers ($2 billion)
  7. Bayern Munich ($1.85 billion)
  8. New England Patriots ($1.8 billion)
  9. Washington Redskins ($1.7 billion)
  10. New York Giants ($1.55 billion)

For the rest of the list, go to Forbes.

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