NFL Power Rankings: Pre-training camp edition

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Jun 17, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (99) high-fives a teammate during mini camp at Houston Methodist Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

26. Houston Texans

I have mixed feeling about the Texans this season. On one hand, J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney on the same team with proven defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel now in the mix should make Houston very troublesome for opposing offenses. However, Ryan Fitzpatrick as your opening day QB with his top target Andre Johnson holding out and demanding a trade makes me scared for their offense. They need to get Johnson in camp and hope that they can make just enough plays on offense to be competitive. If not, despite the improved defense, they may have a chance to draft their next QB with the first overall pick in next year’s draft.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The best addition that the Bucs made this offseason was hiring Lovie Smith as their head coach. I think he’ll bring some much needed stability to the team and I think their defensive personnel is suited for his Tampa-2 system. The question will be if they can get good enough QB play out of either veteran Josh McCown or second year man Mike Glennon to take advantage of their two freakishly gifted WRs, Vincent Jackson and rookie Mike Evans. If they do get good QB play this could be a team to watch.

24. Atlanta Falcons

While getting Julio Jones back healthy will be the most obvious difference for the Falcons, it’s the added muscle in the trenches that may have the biggest impact. Atlanta added top pick Jake Matthews at OT and the solid free agent Jon Asamoah at guard to help stabilize a problematic offensive line. On the defensive side of the ball they brought in Tyson Jackson, Paul Soliai, and Ra’Shede Hageman. That’s a whole lot of added bulk on the defensive line that was much needed. While I’m not ready to forecast a jump back to the playoffs yet, this is a team that could rise up these rankings if their new pieces gel quickly.

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  • JohnPaul Sein

    No you make valid points all around… honestly anyone reading this thinks he is wrong you are letting your bias judge him not actual facts.. the ONLY thing I have a problem with is calling Luck elite… that is a joke. He is two playoff chokes close to being the next romo…

  • steven evans

    Bengals were 11-5 last year and had best draft according to Elliot Harrison of PFW and you rate them 15th behind Pats and Packers.Your an idiot.

    • Worth

      If you’re gonna call someone an idiot, you should use the correct form of your. “You’re”

    • Lyle Graversen

      In my defense I did say that if Jackson can get more out of Dalton that they’ll be contenders and have them as the top rated team in their division. So while I did rank them 14th (not 15th), that’s not exactly hating on them. I do appreciate the feedback, but in the future when you call someone an idiot it might be wise to make sure YOUR comment is free of mistakes. Otherwise, YOU’RE opening yourself up to possible ridicule.

    • Luke

      Rating the Bengals above the Pats and Packers would have been much more idiotic; those are two of the most consist teams in the NFL year-in and year-out, plus they have 2 of the truly “elite” QBs in the league leading them.

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      So much for everyone being entitled to their own opinion huh?

    • octavia a henry

      Yeah I was wondering how the packers was ranked so high too it’s, because they love Aaron Rogers so much.

  • Speaksnow

    I’m curios, what did you say about the Dolphins last year, and the year before that? All I keep hearing is that they are an up and coming team. Yet mediocre equals a good year for them since Marino’s hey day.

    Ok, so I’m a biased Jet fan, but I’m pretty tired of hearing how the Dolphins are a team to look out for. The good news is, I almost never have to watch them in the post season, and don’t expect to this year either.

    • Speaksnow

      Let me add a little salt to the wound, since 1999 they’ve made the playoffs 4 times. They’re record is 2-4. They scored 62 points in the 6 games, and they’re opponent scored 170. Maybe I should hope for them to make he playoffs. :)

    • Lyle Graversen

      Actually, I wasn’t a fan of the Dolphins last year and in my weekly game predictions I started getting grief from Miami fans for always picking against them.

  • Luke

    I think the Falcons ranked way too low on this list… I’d list them no lower than 19th. I just think the Falcons were able to retool the few issues that did them in last year, plus with their QB and the healthy return of both their top two receivers (granted they lost one of the best tight ends in the game) I just don’t see a repeat of last season. In fact 19th may be way to low too, but I think their division got tougher — the Saints look pretty damn good, I’m not sure what to make of the Panthers’ offense this year but their defense should still be pretty great, and I think the Buc’s will show improvement.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I had a hard time with the Falcons. Do they have the potential to be much better than I have them ranked? Yes. Do I also think that the defense and run game could continue to struggle and they finish last in their division? Yes. Let me put it this way, if I was a betting man the Falcons wouldn’t be a team I would feel safe betting any money on how their season plays out.

      • Luke

        I get what you’re saying, but let me turn it around on you… if you were a betting man would you really feel more confident putting money on the Jets, Lions, Dolphins, Titans, Cowboys, or Giants beating them in a head-to-head match-up? While I think the Lions may given them the toughest match-up I’m not sold that any of these other teams would be able to beat them given those team’s known issues going into the season.

        • Lyle Graversen

          I don’t think I’d feel comfortable putting money on any of those teams or the Falcons in head to head match ups on a neutral field. I’d put them all on a similar “tier” where you could swap teams around without getting a lot of argument out of me. However, it’s not as fun doing an NFL Tier Ranking. I knew I’d catch some flack for my order, that’s why I tried to justify my thoughts with a paragraph about each team instead of just throwing out an order by itself.

  • Luke

    Also, I believe that the Chiefs are ranked a bit too high. I get that the writer is a fan of them and is high on the fact that this will be the second year under the leadership of Andy Reid and Alex Smith, plus that there should be some continued in-house improvements. However, even he wrote within his statement of them being a surprise team again that it involved an “if” and IMO that’s a pretty big “if”.

  • Richard Scott

    I’m glad that you went full disclosure on your feelings about the cards. .. respect earned. I have to disagree however in regards to every point you made. Mark my words. .. Carson is going to have a career year due to the weapons around him and the vastly improved offensive line. The running game will be improved for the same reason. If this team regressed anywhere it’s obviously at ILB… But p who wants to bet against Todd Bowles fresh batch of lemonade? Not I sir. .. Not I

  • James Schroeder

    You’re smoking crack putting the Raiders at number 30. Schaub is just two years removed from being a top 10 quarterback with a 90% passer rating and two consecutive 4000 yard seasons. Houston was a mess last year and as a result Schaub took the brunt of it, that’s what happened. And all these veteran new additions still have a lot left in the tank. Justin Tuck just had 11.5 sacks last year, which doubled Lamarr Houston’s numbers. Maurice Jones Drew played through an injury and is now 100% healthy. I understand you’re just another media clown bashing on the Raiders. That’s the way it’s been so it’s not like you don’t have company. Expect them to make a huge turnaround this year and shock the NFL. Put that in the bank.

    • Jeremy

      I agree with the above post. The Raiders shouldn’t be at number 30. Most power rankings have them at 32 which is around where I would put them

      • Chris Schroeder

        There are a lot of dumbasses out there Jeremy, don’t be one of them.

      • Mark Mantle

        Ok, maybe the Raiders aren’t #30 power ranked team but they certainly aren’t in the top 20 either. The players they picked up are past their prime. (If this were 2009 when many of those players were having career yrs. Tuck, Woodley, A. Smith, MJ-D ect I would say yeah, The Raiders are a legit playoff team but its not 5 yrs later these guys will be lucky to get 80% percent of their best yrs.) these dudes are being counted on to have yrs like they did in their prime and sorry Raiders fans that’s not going to happen.
        Also, once you get into those early 30 yrs. it is tough to play a full 16 gm schedule, injuries will sideline them for at least 3 to 4 gms. Schaub had his best yrs when the Texans had Arian Foster running for almost 2k yds and A. Johnson catching 90 to 95 balls plus an elite Texans defense. Schaub has none of those agai he will have a better yr than last yr but for him to throw for 4k yds not going to happen. Heres reality…….Raiders will be improved instead of winning 4 gms they will win 6 to 7 games but unfortunately still be in the bottom of the AFC west. 2 more solid drafts and 2016 should be your target to contend.

    • powderBLUE801

      Honestly I have heard soooo many people say schaub is two years removed top ten QB. I honestly think the raiders will do better than people are saying but your QB will have to prove himself on a new team. You can’t argue what he has done in the past cuz he has a whole new o-line and system. He has a fresh start but I think the faster you can put Carr in and get him going the better you will be. It pains me to say this but the raiders will be a lot better than everyone is saying.

  • Luke

    On paper I’d rank them like this and break them down into 4 tiers with “-” marks:

    01. Seahawks
    02. Broncos
    03. Saints
    04. 49ners
    05. Patriots
    06. Packers
    07. Eagles
    08. Bears
    09. Chargers
    10. Bengals
    11. Colts
    12. Lions
    13. Ravens
    14. Panthers
    15. Steelers
    16. Dolphins
    17. Falcons
    18. Chiefs
    19. Giants
    20. Cowboys
    21. Redskins
    22. Buccaneers
    23. Rams
    24. Cardinals
    25. Jets
    26. Texans
    27. Raiders
    28. Bills
    29. Vikings
    30. Browns
    31. Jaguars
    32. Titans

    • Lyle Graversen

      Obviously there are some teams we disagree on quite a bit, but overall that’s a pretty solid breakdown.

    • Guest

      Colts…. Luck Is NOT an ELITE QB… smh… they are sure fired to win that division only cause that division is the worst in football not to mention the colts have a ranked 32 SOS… not only that when Wayne was injured Luck acted like he didnt know how to throw the football or does everyone forget those two games against the Rams and Cardinals? and as far as the Chiefs playoff game? i wouldn’t brag on that .. The Chiefs were decimated with a ton of injuries and the Colts later lost to an actual GREAT team in the Patriots.. and the week 14 game against the Chiefs… they were completely exposed by then.. losing 90% of the games after their BYE week.. gimmie a break… the east coast ESPN biased has some people drugged HARD!!!

  • powderBLUE801

    Having the chargers as the 5th best AFC team is good enough for me. We should return to the playoffs again and that’s all I can ask for is just a chance to get in the post season. Bolt up ⚡️⚡️

  • Jacob Barefoot

    I think the

  • Mark Mantle

    Not a bad power ranking (pre-training camp). Overall the better teams are in the NFC just a tougher conference. The Rams will surprise, even in that tough NFC west div. that defense is a top 5 def. and better than average QB play. You’re right about the Bears. The Falcons may re-take the top spot in the tough NFC south depending on how solid their OL is. The Chargers will be a playoff contender, having rebuilt that team (they beat (6 playoff teams last yr with little pass rush on the outside and devasting injuries to their LBs., ok counted the Chiefs twice but they are battle tested) The I think the Panthers drop back out of being a top 10 team to about 14. I think they lost to much on the offensive side and Newton can’t do it all. Also, I think the Chiefs drop back a bit as well, (sorry Lyle) maybe 15 to 16 power ranked team. They lost 5 players who were solid starters last yr. and even when they did have them they struggled to beat teams with back-up QBs. The Chiefs beat only 1 playoff team last yr. and that doesn’t bode well for an extremely tougher schedule in 2014.

  • Jacob Barefoot

    I think the first three are accurate but having the pack and the saints higher than the pats is wrong. Also justifying it by saying that they would be higher if they focused more on aquiring more weapons for TB is pretty closed minded and blunt, considering the weapons they already have, the ones returning and the ones they are developing. The patriots had a bad D so they fixed it and with injury returns and the upgrades, i feel it surpasses definitley the packers and only just the saints. For this reason and others like they’re tenacity to beat ‘better’ teams and win games they ‘shouldnt’, i would absolutley have the rankings going 1. Seattle 2. San francisco 3. Denver 4. New england 5. New orleans 6. Green bay.

  • Slap_shott

    Jags should sign T-bizzle. At least they’s sell some tickets and get a few freak wins.
    Dumb dum DUMB!