Raiders could share 49ers' Levi's Stadium?

The San Francisco 49ers are celebrating the opening of Levi’s Stadium, their new home on Thursday. The 49ers won’t play their first game in the new stadium until Week 2 of the NFL Season, but it is expected to be a big game for 49ers fans eager to check out the new stadium.

Their regional rivals the Oakland Raiders could be looking for a new home as well, and instead of the region financing another brand new stadium the Raiders could look into moving into an existing stadium in the area.

The 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

That certainly might ruffle the feathers of a few 49ers fans, and the Raiders would be moving into a stadium clearly built for another organization. It is possible perhaps that Goodell meant temporarily while the Raiders pursued or built their own new stadium.

It would also mean that both organizations would be moving out of the actual cities that their named for. Interestingly enough, Oakland’s current home, the Coliseum, is about 6.4 miles closer to Levi’s Stadium than Candlestick Park is.

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