Apr 21, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) shoots against Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan (6) during the first quarter in game two during the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love trade rumors: Warriors make Klay Thompson available after Cavs offer Wiggins

For what has seemed like forever by now, the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves have been flirting with one another on a possible deal for Kevin Love. The one snag they continually hit was that the Warriors refused to make sharpshooter Klay Thompson available, bu that might be changing after the Cavaliers sweetened their offer on Thursday with Andrew Wiggins.

According to Basketball Insiders, apparently the Cavaliers making the bold move of putting Wiggins on the table scared the Warriors just enough in their pursuit of Love that they are now willing to put Thompson in the package, presumably along with David Lee and Harrison Barnes.

David Lee and Harrison Barnes are expected to be a part of the deal as well. No trade is imminent, but the Warriors are willing to do whatever it takes to land Love now – even if that means letting go of a franchise favorite in Thompson.

For a while there, the Love talks died down a bit, but now they are hotter than ever, with a lot of circumstances surrounding the situation.

Aside from the report on Thursday that the Cavaliers offered up Wiggins, Adrian Wojnarowski also reported that LeBron James himself recently phoned Love to gauge his interest in heading to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers and chase some championships.

Now it seems as if the Warriors are now going to try and fight not only the Cavaliers off for the top player on the trade market, but the King himself. And now that even includes having to say goodbye to Thompson, one of the best young shooters in the NBA today.

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  • Z….

    If Flip Saunders actually pulls off any of these moves for Kevin Love, Minnesota should hold a city wide event for him in his honor…I wouldnt trade either Wiggins nor Klay Thompson for him, and I especially wouldnt trade Thompson if I’m the Warriors. Now they need to trade Harrison Barnes AND Klay Thompson? Thats a joke

  • miky

    No way the Dubs trade all that, Thompson, Barnes and Lee. Love isnt that great…

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    the Wolves in no position of strength gave themselves power by forcing 2 teams to bid against each other, Cavs fans should be happy GS is willing to part with Klay, it saves the Cavs from gutting their team for a guy if he really wanted to be in Cleveland will sign in free agency… They should be focusing on adding some inside help, a Blatche, Charlie V… or use their 3 first round picks and seek out a trade, look how much a player like Diaw meant to the Spurs last year, players are out there to be had, the Cavs just need to be smart about it !…. they need to stop looking at the players individual talent and look at how he could fit in with their team, again Boris Diaw for the spurs perfect example… and i believe Blatche and Charlie V. could be the same player for the Cavs in short stints off the Bench and i believe the Cavs G.M. (Lebron) should give Beasley another chance !

    People ignore the fact Love has never been over .500 in his career, the 25+ points and 12 rebounds do not mean ANYTHING on a garbage team, someone has to score and get rebounds… A.I. and Lebron took terrible teams to the finals but Love could not take a team to .500…. Just Saying !

    • Z….

      Cavs need someone to guard the PG spot and some rim protection

      • Real M-Fing talk !!!

        who did the Spurs have protecting the rim in the series?
        Diaw, Splitter, Duncan?… actually no one, they had Size and ball movement

        • fidel305

          Diaw, Splitter, Duncan?…
          yes. u answered it yourself

    • Z….

      To be fair, Minnesota has had a lot of bad luck over the last 2 years especially. They consistently have under performed their peripherals and have had injury issues. Last year, I would have said that they needed someone that can guard the PG spot, and one more wing player. Love definitely could improve his defense too (which is probably the main issue I see with him on that Cavs team)

  • Josh Blackburn

    If GS trades Thompson, Barnes and Lee that will hurt them in the long run. Love will be with them for this year and sign with the Cavs next year in FA anyway with Wiggins, LeBron and Kyrie. GS would be dumb to do this…

  • Richard Truong

    It’s all smoke coming out of Minnesota, if they gave up three players: Lee, Barnes, and Thompson and possibly a first rd pick, they are only saying that because they need to get Klay or Wiggins or they would suffer a big loss in the offseason. Eventually T-Wolves will take best offer which will be Lee, Barnes and a #1, or Cavs Waiters, Bennett and a #1.

  • fidel305

    kevin love for Thompson, Lee and Barnes plus a number 1 is far better than Cleveland’s best which would be an unproven rook, a bust and a bum plus a #1, which would be closer to a second rounder, and that includes at least two contracts you don’t want

    no contest

    if GS is offering this grab it and say thanks.