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Report: Brady Aiken turned down $5 million from Houston Astros

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The Houston Astros are taking a beating right now in terms of public perception after they failed to sign no. 1 overall pick Brady Aiken.

The negative publicity might be good practice for them as they brace for a potential battle with the MLB Player’s Union after they publicly questioned the health of Aiken’s elbow during contract negotiations.

As for the actual final offer the Astros sent Aiken’s way, it was reportedly $5 million. That is more than they initially offered, but still well short of the $7,922,100 assigned to that draft slot and less than the $6.5 million that they two sides reportedly nearly agreed to.

The reluctance on Houston’s behalf was because of Aiken’s elbow. So while most would point to their failure to sign the young left-handed pitcher, there is some risk on Aiken’s side of things.

Either because negotiations were made in good faith or because the Astros were trying to cover their tracks, general manager Jeff Luhnow insists that they tried to engage Aiken for contract negotiations in advance of Monday’s deadline and were shot down.

As for a potential showdown with the Players’ Association, Luhnow tried to get out in front of that issue as well.

 This situation with Aiken might be a catalyst for change, perhaps in the physicals required for potential draftees to avoid such a dilemma in the future.

For now it is back to the drawing board for the Astros as they try to map out their long rebuilding plan with extra picks in 2015 but simply nothing to show for 2014.

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