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Adam Dunn fly ball bounces twice on wall, stays in play (Video)

We all knew that Adam Dunn has power to all fields that few big league hitters can even dream of. In between the .200 batting average and the unique propensity to strike out, Dunn can launch powerful, aesthetically pleasing shots in any direction at any time if he runs into a pitch.

Dunn might be the only player capable of hitting a ball that behaved like this one did on Friday night. The might left-handed slugger went the other way with a pitch, sending a shot high and deep to left field, with an emphasis on the “high” part. It was at that point that something strange and logic-defying happened.

One way or another, whether because of the wind or because of the trajectory at which it was hit, the ball came straight down on the top of the left field wall. It then bounced straight up in the air, down, bounced straight up again, and ended up in the field of play. The carom resulted in one of the strangest doubles you will ever see.

Dunn was certainly confused about what happened when he arrived at second base.

Check out video of the strange bounces below, courtesy of MLB.com:

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