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St. Louis Cardinals fan drops beer from upper deck onto fans below

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Sitting in the upper deck at a baseball game has its perks. Sure, you might not be as close to the action as you might like, but you have a good view and probably a good atmosphere.

One such perk of spending your time in the upper levels at a Major League park? People cannot drop anything on you. If anything, you will be the one doing the dropping.

Such was the case for this St. Louis Cardinals’ fan, who happened to be walking up to greet a group of people when he lost the handle on his beer and dropped it. A failed attempt to rest said beer on the railing sent it down onto the heads of unsuspecting fans below him. This turned into something funny for anybody watching, and certainly unpleasant for the fans that were in harm’s way.

For the benefit of fans hoping to be entertaining everywhere, this incident was caught on camera right as the Cardinals’ game against the Dodgers headed to a commercial break. What is not clear, however, is whether this fan ducked away so as not to be seen, tried to apologize, or perhaps tried to blame the dropped beverage on somebody else. We also do not know if he had another $14 on him to purchase a replacement beer.

Here is video of the dropped beer, courtesy of

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