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Steve Carell somehow makes Jonny Gomes miss a pop fly (Video)

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What starts as a standard lame interview with a celebrity in the stands turns into a bizarre demonstration of Steve Carell’s voodoo powers.

Carell is rapping with some local TV stooge, doing his best not to sock the guy in the teeth. Suddenly, a pop fly heads toward the left side and Carell makes a crack about how he should run out and try to catch it.

And what happens? Jonny Gomes inexplicably pulls up on the ball and lets it drop in front of him.

Now you tell me, why would Jonny Gomes let that ball drop unless Carell somehow jinxed him? It’s the only rational explanation.

Carell possesses powers he can neither understand nor control. He needs to stay away from Red Sox games or more misfortune will befall the team.

And Gomes needs to visit a witch doctor and get that jinx removed. Soaking a copy of Get Smart in chicken blood and lighting it on fire will probably do it. It MIGHT wear off by itself but you can never be too careful.

Actually, make that two copies of Get Smart. Or no. ALL the copies of Get Smart. Burn all of them. Just to be on the safe side.

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