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Troy Tulowitzki trade rumors: Colorado Rockies unlikely to deal shortstop this season

There are two core reasons that are consistently cited when noting that the Colorado Rockies are unlikely to trade shortstop Troy Tulowitzki anytime soon.

The first is out of trepidation that they would not be able to get enough value for Tulowitzki to justify a trade, even if they are in full rebuilding mode. If we have learned nothing else in 2014, we have learned that Tulowitzki is a generational talent when he is healthy. Playing a premium position at shortstop, Tulowitzki fields, gets on base, and hits for power at elite levels.

The second reason that the Rockies are considered unlikely to trade their shortstop has more to do with the historical trend in their organization. Starting with controversial owner Dick Monfort and on down through the front office, this team is nothing if not loyal.

They committed to Tulowitzki as their franchise player in that context, and therefore are in no hurry to trade him away. It is for that reason, according to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post, that the Rockies will not look to trade Tulowitzki:

I would be stunned if it happened during the season. The offseason is another matter.

I really don’t think Monfort wants to trade Tulo, who remains the Rockies’ star attraction. However, if Tulo goes to Monfort and says he wants out, and if Tulo is willing to come off as the bad guy, as the disloyal employee, then it could happen.

The trouble is, the Rockies are going to demand a very sweet deal and I don’t see anything out there right now. Stay tuned.

Even this winter, the demands of a potential deal might make a trade unlikely, especially considering the fact that the Rockies have Tulowitzki under team control through 2020. Unless the star shortstop goes a significantly different direction with it comes to his personality and how he handles his comments on the franchise, he does not seem like the type to demand a trade.

Until he does, there is still no real urgency for the Rockies to make a deal.

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