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WWE RAW results: Roman Reigns defeats Randy Orton and Kane

Opening Segment

WWE RAW on Monday night starts off with Triple H being announced by Justin Roberts and the boss makes his way down to the ring for what presumably could be the Summerslam main event announcement.

Hunter grabs the mic and says that no one backstage wants to look him in the eye because they think he’s going to blow a gasket over John Cena keeping the WWE title at Battleground. He admits that he is mad, very mad, madder than he has been in a long time, but he has options for how to handle this.

He says that he’s gonna tweet his displeasure. Maybe and Instagram or a Vine also. He says that if he doesn’t get what he wants, he’s going to riot. He’s clearly trolling the internet fan base at this point.

Triple H then says that maybe he can just fire everyone.

Or, he says he could just relax, knowing that sooner or later, he always wins. If he has to wait four more weeks to win, then so be it. Next he guarantees that Cena will no longer be the champion after Summerslam.

He starts to ask who gets the opportunity, but he’s interrupted by Randy Orton who says that he’s owed a one-on-one match. Orton guarantees that he’ll beat Cena. Hunter says that he appreciates his confidence, but the entire group will have an opportunity tonight to prove to him they’re worthy.

Next up, Kane comes out after Orton runs him down a bit. Kane says that he hopes he’s being considered to face John Cena because he can bring the belt back. He says that he’s tired of babysitting Orton.

And of course, here comes Roman Reigns now.

Reigns stays on the outside and says that his name belongs in the conversation, too. He says everyone wants to see Cena vs. Reigns. He then drops the mic and hits Kane with a Superman punch.

Hunter grabs the mic again and says that Reigns will have a match against Kane and Orton right now.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton and Kane

Back from commercial, the bell rings. Orton and Reigns lock up. Reigns gets the upper hand early, hitting Orton with some right hands in the corner. Orton quickly turns the tables and tags in Kane.

Kane gets in the ring and locks up with Reigns. He hits a knee to the midsection, but when he comes off the ropes, Reigns gets him with a Samoan Drop. Orton gets tagged back in and starts taking it to Reigns. Quick tag is made back to Kane.

Eventually, Reigns gets back in control and knocks Kane to the outside.

Back from commercial, Orton is in control of Reigns and he starts hammering away. After Kane gets the tag, Reigns starts to take over once again.

Kane goes to tag Orton, but Orton won’t do it. With Kane distracted, Reigns hits the Super man punch, followed by a spear and the pin.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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