Jul 5, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; MLB umpire Mark Carlson (6) cleans off home plate during the game between the Detroit Tigers and the Tampa Bay Rays at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball umpire yells '2 Chainz' after strike three (Video)

When it comes to independent or recreational baseball leagues, umpires can get away with a lot. And after you watch the below video, I’m guessing you’ll be made aware of that.

Here we have some type of organized baseball league in which the red team is taking on the blue team. That’s all that is known about the video which was sent in to Barstool Sports by a reader. Things look completely normal until the batter is called out on strikes. That’s when things get completely out of hand and totally awesome.

Once the pitch crosses home plate, the umpire quickly springs out of his squat and runs to the side of the catcher. It’s then and only then that he makes the strike three call but does it in hilarious fashion, screaming out ‘2 Chainz’ while he does a dance.

That wasn’t the only reference to popular culture the umpire made either as just moments later the clip shows him doing the exact same thing, this time though he pays homage to ‘Gangnam Style’ though sadly doesn’t bust out the incredibly popular dance.

Now, from the stands as a fan, this is understandably awesome and beyond hilarious. Of course as a player, I’m guessing they’re not huge fans, even if it’s nothing more than a recreational league. It’s bad enough to strike out, but to have a guy make a mockery of you for doing so in front of the opposing team, fans and your teammates? Yeesh.

At least he doesn’t discriminate and mocks everybody.

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