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Matt Kemp rumors: Dodgers trying hard to trade Kemp

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have a handful of outfielders. Unfortunately that group consists largely of players who are overpaid and not necessarily playing well. The Dodgers would love to make a move with one or more of these outfielders, with Matt Kemp at the top of the list.

According to Danny Knobler, the Dodgers are “trying hard” to move Kemp, almost as hard, it would seem, as the Mets are trying to trade Bartolo Colon and the $11 million he is due in 2015.

There are a number of problems with Kemp’s current status as a player. He is batting .267/.330/.425, meaning that a portion of the power that has been missing in previous seasons has returned. That said, he still only has eight home runs, a far cry from the elite numbers he posted back in his MVP candidate guys.

Worse yet is the predicament with Kemp as a defender in the outfielder. Thus far in 2014 he has been “good” for -12 defensive runs saved (DRS) when he has played center field. When playing left field, Kemp has put up a -9 DRS. In short, Kemp has cost the Dodgers at least 21 runs this season with his poor defense.

Kemp inexplicably wants to play center field full time, but any team that would even consider trading for him would be tolerating his horrible defense while hoping his bat comes back to life.

Considering the $117 million left on Kemp’s deal, the Dodgers will have to eat an awful lot of money to make any trade happen.

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