July 22, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; Chelsea FC midfielder Frank Lampard (8) takes a penalty kick during the first half against Paris St. Germain at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Lampard must apologize to NY before NYCFC move

“Hey Frank! Remember what you did to those American tourists on Sept. 12, 2001? We do, and you better make things right before you set foot in this city!”

As former Chelsea star Frank Lampard is set to join David Villa as one of the Designated Players for the MLS expansion New York City FC, he needs to make things right with the people of New York City after the New York Daily News reminded the people of the Big Apple about Lampard’s drunken mockery of American tourists in England the day after the attacks of September 11.

Lampard was one of four of Chelsea’s top players, along with Chelsea Captain John Terry, who drunkenly mocked Americans stranded at Heathrow International Airport in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

The four Chelsea players were “causing lots of noise and knocking things over in the bar and upsetting everyone,” according to Antonio Parisini, a manager at Heathrow’s Posthouse hotel. “They were really drunk.” He further explained that they later moved on to the Airport Bowl bowling alley, shocking the onlookers by diving down the lanes head first, reminiscent of the planes attacking the World Trade Center.

Although Chelsea took immediate action, fining the players two weeks’ worth of pay – equivalent to over 100,000 pounds – and donating the money to a fund helping the families of the victims of the attacks, the damage was done.

“I will never respect him” -Yankeedom

According to statistics by New York Magazine, September 11 was the most devastating attack on U.S. soil with 2,753 casualties in New York City alone, costing the city $105 billion in the month following the attacks.

In short, September 11 means a lot to New Yorkers and Lampard needs to make things right between himself and the city if he is going to simply survive in the Big Apple.

Fans have expressed their opinions on the now 36-year old English soccer star in the comments section of the Daily News article.

“He better be down there sweeping the grounds at 1WTC EVERY DAMN DAY, after he publicly apologizes to every American for being a s***bag of highest order,” Midas Mulligan wrote.

“Maybe then, and only then, will I consider supporting him.”

“I will never respect him,” Yankeedom added in the same forum. “If he issued an apology and made some sort of donation to a 9/11 charity, then I could forgive him but I will never support him; nor will I forget what he did.”

“If you’re old enough to get drunk and abuse American tourists regarding something as tragic at 9/11, hours after it happened, then you are old enough to deserve any ill-will people will have toward you.”

Stan Dominy even went as far to say, “bring him on. Somebody in NY will get drunk and do a 9/11 on his rear end.

While numerous fans came out to attack Lampard, others did come out to support him.

Jun 4, 2014; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; England forward Frank Lampard (8) controls the ball against the Ecuador during the second half at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

“Ann Coulter mocked the 911 widows and we still allow her stingy haired butt in this country,” Libby Sherburne mentioned.

Mike Dean Johnson took his defense of Lampard to a whole new level as he commented:

“Oh please. Yes it was insensitive but look at how Americans treat other Americans. Sandy Hook happens and people harass the parents saying their dead child is fake. The Boston Marathon was bombed and teen girls insist one of the terrorists is too pretty to be guilty. Soldiers get buried and groups protest it. Gays and lesbians try to marry and the government says they aren’t allowed. This guy sounds like he’ll fit right in.”

While, in his defense, Lampard was in his 20’s and drunk, let alone in his home country, the message was received loud and clear and his perception by New Yorkers, especially those directly affected by the attacks of Sept. 11, isn’t too pretty.

It doesn’t matter than he’ll bring a valuable sense of veteran experience after 13 years at Chelsea, becoming the club’s all-time goal scorer, winning three Premier League titles, a Champions League title and four FA cups, you don’t get away with coming to New York City, playing for, literally, a New York City team (NYCFC will debut at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx in March 2015) after mocking New Yorkers, let alone Americans about something like 9/11.

Lampard has said that he regrets the mistakes in the past, but that people of that age in other walks of life did not receive the same attention for their actions.

“Yes it was insensitive but look at how Americans treat other Americans.” -MikeDeanJohnson

When pen is put to paper this week and Lampard is officially announced by the club during his press conference (which more than likely will happen), he better apologize to New Yorkers, with the New York media in front of him. It is the only way he will receive any kind of cheers when he hits the pitch in the Bronx in March.

Because New York City can be a great move, or complete hell. The choice is up to Frank.

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