Oct 20, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; San Diego Chargers helmet lays on the field after the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers place second in rec softball league

The San Diego Chargers may excel when it comes to the gridiron but when it comes to playing on the diamond, they’re the best loser.

Wanting to put together a team bonding activity, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers decided he’d pool together a group of his teammates and participate in an offseason softball tournament. Sounds fun right, especially for a group of professional athletes who shouldn’t have any trouble defeating the typical working man.

Except it didn’t go as planned.

The team, which also featured Danny Woodhead and Erik Weddle ended up losing in the championship game to the Randy Jones Invitational (yes, that’s the team name) who finished the regular season with an impressive 8-2 record. Rivers’ team full of San Diego Chargers players didn’t do so shabby themselves, finishing with a 7-3 record though that final loss proved to be critical. The Randy Jones Invitational defeated the group of Chargers players both times they faced them.

So why weren’t the Chargers able to take the league crown?

“Fielding was the problem,” said Rivers, the softball team’s captain.

Ah, defense. Sounds far too familiar for Philip Rivers and fans of the San Diego Chargers, I’m sure.

“The Chargers are by far the most athletic guys on the field on Wednesday nights,” said Henry Schweichler, catcher for Randy Jones Invitational, “but we are the more skillful team.”

I have to say, you’d have to feel pretty damn proud of yourself if you beat a group of NFL players at any sport, not once, but twice. Wonder if Rivers and company will challenge them to a flag football game next.

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