Jul 23, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence (8) jokes around with the Phillie Phanatic at the on deck circle during the first inning of a game at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Pence gives Phillie Phanatic CPR (Video)

Hunter Pence and Phillie Phanatic got involved in some big league clowning before Wednesday’s Phillies-Giants game. It started with the Phanatic mocking Pence and Pablo Sandoval over a play from the previous day where Sandoval face planted trying to catch a foul. And it ended with Pence pretending to give the Phanatic CPR.

Phanatic continues to be the only mascot that even haters of mascots can manage to live with. What is it about Phanatic that makes him so tolerable? I think it’s the gut. There’s something about the gut that’s just amusing.

Pence blowing down Phanatic’s blowhole or proboscis or face trumpet or whatever the hell that thing is supposed to be…that’s comedy cold. That’s Puig-Ryu level clownery.

I would be curious to know from Pence exactly what it smells like down the Phanatic’s snout. Stale Fritos and BO, I bet. And wet fur. God, that’s horrifying. It’s like sticking your face inside a teenager’s bedroom. I’m surprised Pence didn’t pass out.

How often do you think they launder that costume? Not too often, I bet.

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