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Jon Lester trade rumors: Increasing likelihood of a deal?

Jon Lester does not share the doom-and-gloom attitude of the Boston Red Sox front office when it comes to the talks between the two sides about a multi-year extension.

Lester might be the only person left, in fact, who thinks a deal might get done between now and the end of the season when he is due to hit free agency. While it is difficult not to admire his optimism, the disconnect in the dollar amount and years that he desires and what the Red Sox seem willing to offer seems too significant to realistically think a deal gets done.

At that point Lester would hit free agency, seeking a long-term deal in excess of $100 million. The Red Sox are thought to be disinclined to shell out that kind of money for an aging pitcher, even a guy as beloved to them as Lester. With that being the case, the cold business of baseball might take over soon and make a trade more likely.

A seller’s market, yes, but with players like Price available who have multiple years of team control instead of being a straight rental, the risk of adding Lester might scare certain sellers away. As for Lester, he knows it is now a possibility.

Maybe there wouldn’t be bad feelings, but it has to be hard for even the biggest anti-Red Sox fan to envision Lester in a different uniform.

These things can change quickly either direction, of course, but if Lester does become available in a trade it will shake up the market.

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