Jul 20, 2014; Wirral, GBR; Tiger Woods and Jason Dufner on the 8th hole during the final round at the 143rd Open Championship at The Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley has dumped Tiger Woods as a friend

Basketball legend Charles Barkley revealed in a radio interview that he and Tiger Woods are no longer friends. Say it ain’t so Chuck! The bromance is dead!

Honestly? I wasn’t aware that Chuck and Tiger ever were friends. But apparently they struck up a relationship at some point, and now that relationship is on the scrapheap with Tiger’s golf game.

Barkley told the Mike Missanelli Show on WPEN-FM in Philadelphia that Tiger is just too isolated and anti-social for his own good:

“We’re not friends anymore,” Barkley said of Woods on Friday, via GolfChannel.com. Barkley went on, responding to Missanelli’s claim that Woods has “too far removed himself from the rest of society.”

“Well, I think that when you’re as great as he has been, and this probably is a negative at some point, like he was so consumed with being the greatest golfer ever, he wasn’t a very sociable guy,” Barkley said. “Even when he was a friend of mine, he wasn’t a very sociable guy.

“He just had a one-track mind. He just wanted to break Jack Nicklaus’ record.”

Barkley thinks Tiger’s obsessiveness about golf caused him to develop a negative attitude about his life overall. It sounds like Tiger is just kind of a miserable SOB, and that’s too bad for Tiger. He should have taken a cue from Chuck Barkley and learned how to loosen up.

Chuck Barkley doesn’t sweat much of anything, and that is the correct way to live. Tiger, he just can’t hang.


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