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MLB Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Angels more likely to make August deal

The Los Angeles Angels might not be done making trades as they gear up for a playoff race against the Oakland Athletics and the rest of the American League. They are likely done talking about any deals before the July 31st non-waiver deadline, however.

According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Angels would still like to add another arm to their starting rotation but will not look to do so until August.

– The Angels wouldn’t mind a starter, but are much more likely to acquire a player in August, sources say. The team has money, and could grab an expensive player off waivers.

That is consistent with the grumblings earlier this month that the Angels were not looking to give up any more prospects before the end of July, even if they would like to add a starting pitcher.

Such is the wrinkle of post-waiver deadline deals. We all remember the famous trade that the Los Angeles Dodgers made for most of the Boston Red Sox roster, and certainly all of their bad contracts, just a few seasons ago. Teams that are able to willing to absorb bad contracts can look to make moves as players are placed on waivers.

For the Angels in 2014, those discussions could potentially involve guys like Bartolo Colon and Cliff Lee. Teams will often place guys on waivers in the interest of information gathering and nothing more, so it does not guarantee substantive talks.

But there will likely be starting pitchers available after July 31st, and it sounds like the Angels will be among the top teams interested in those guys.

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