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MLB Trade Rumors: Troy Tulowitzki does not have no-trade clause

The Colorado Rockies will face increasing pressure to trade shortstop Troy Tulowitzki between now and Thursday’s trade deadline. If a deal does not happen in that window, the pressure will increase even more this off-season.

There is one important point to clarify in terms of that pressure, however. It cannot officially come from Tulowitzki. Sure, he can demand trades and passive aggressively attend New York Yankees games in person to make a point. Yes, he can “formally” demand a trade, whatever that means. But contrary to multiple reports, Tulowitzki does not have a no-trade clause.

Thomas Harding of writes the following:

Contrary to what has been repeated in many reports, Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki does not have a no-trade clause — at least not at this point — in his contract.

Going strictly by the contract language (and consulting with sources with direct knowledge of the contract), if traded, Tulowitzki would receive a $2 million bonus from the club he would land with, and only then would a no-trade provision go into effect. That is in addition to the five years and $104 million, plus incentives and escalators, left on his deal.

Harding goes on to note that the Rockies will probably consult Tulowitzki if they are looking at trades so as to not trade their face of the franchise somewhere he doesn’t want to go. That’s nice and all, but they officially do not have to do that and Tulowitzki does not officially have the power to veto trades to any team in baseball.

This is a noteworthy wrinkle for a player around whom trade rumors will swirl for the foreseeable future.

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