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Jordy Mercer's home run destroys fan's beer (Video)

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Jordy Mercer of the Pittsburgh Pirates has 16 career home runs. Perhaps none will ever be more destructive upon arrival in the bleachers than the one he delivered against the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday afternoon.

Buying a beer at a professional baseball game can be exhausting. No, it’s not because of the long lines or because you might be drowsy from enjoying it on a sunny day. It can be exhausting because you are stressed out the moment the beer is in your hands.

Paying for a beer at stadium prices feels like paying for gold bars. If you are going to spend double digits on a single beverage, you are going to guard it like your firstborn child. You are going to move cautiously, watch all around you, and enjoy every sip. Well, you’ll at least do that if it’s the first beer of the day.

So there this woman was, nervously consuming her beer among the faithful fans in the bleachers on Wednesday afternoon at AT&T Park. As a concession to the valuable asset that she held in her hand, she did not stand at the moment when a Mercer home run was headed her direction.

That caution did not pay off, as the ball landed squarely on top of her and emphatically destroyed her precious adult beverage.

Check out video of the unfortunate landing and subsequent beer spill below, courtesy of

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