Could LeBron James and Kevin Durant team up in 2016?

When LeBron James made the decision to sign a two-year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers–the second year a player option–two thoughts came to mind: 1) he’s a genius for finding a way to capitalize on the expect salary cap jump and 2) we’re going to be going through this free agency thing with James very soon.

Unless the Cleveland Cavaliers are a colossal failure in 2014-15 it’s hard to see James jetting on his hometown team for the second time in five years. But in 2016, depending on how the Cavs look then, anything is game as James will likely be preparing to head in what could be the latter end of his career. And you know who else is a free agent in 2016? Kevin Durant.

While there’s no reason to believe that these two will team up, Michael Pina of Sports on Earth pondered the possibility of the two biggest stars joining forces two years from now.

From Sports on Earth:

Dreaming about Durant and James on the same team feels more crazy than people in the 1960s predicting that cars would fly and cities would exist on the moon by the year 2000. The possibility of this duo coming together actually holds potential footing in reality, though. James signed a two-year contract with Cleveland this summer, with a player option in 2015-16. If he opts in to that second year (or, pending the cap, opts out and re-signs on a one-year deal for even more money) and has the opportunity to join forces with one of the most unstoppable scorers in league history (who doubles as a close friend and workout partner in the offseason) why wouldn’t he do it?

Pina poses a simple, interesting question: why wouldn’t James do it? The four-time MVP has already shown that he’s not in the business of implementing the ways of the legends before him. He doesn’t care what Jordan did or what Magic, Bird, or Wilt Chamberlain did. What James is most obsessed with is putting himself in the best position for himself and his brand to achieve success and teaming up with Durant surely does that.

Of course, the summer of 2016 is a long time from now. But if it does happen, we could be seeing the modern day version of mid-80s Magic and Kareem.

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