November 25, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Toronto Argonauts wide receiver Chad Owens (2) reacts as a teammate hoists the Grey Cup after the game against the Calgary Stampeders at the Rogers Centre. Toronto defeated Calgary Stampeders 35-22. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

CFL referee gets kicked in the face, needs stitches (Video)

You may think you had a tough day on the job yesterday, but I bet it wasn’t as bad as the day CFL referee Ben Major had. Major was officiating the Alouettes-Argonauts game when a player’s foot came flying up and hit him right in the face.

Major was forced to leave the game for medical attention. The ref received a few stitches in his face and then like a true Canadian warrior he came back out.

You thought a little kick to the face was going to stop Ben Major? Well you thought wrong. Ed Hochuli may have the guns but Ben Major has the guts.

Hochuli probably doesn’t even come back out after that, the big pansy. Ben Major says stitch me up and send me back out there. He’s like Rambo. His guts have to be literally spilling out all over the field before he will give up his post.

Canadians in general are tougher than Americans. Think of all the hardship they have to endure up there. Cold winters. Crazed moose roaming everywhere, trying to molest people. Nothing for entertainment but hockey and pseudo-football. Endless teasing because of Bieber.

Yeah, they’re made of sterner stuff up there.

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