Apr 13, 2014; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons forward Greg Monroe (10) dribbles around Toronto Raptors forward Tyler Hansbrough (50) in the fourth quarter at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Pistons rumors: Greg Monroe wants out

Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy has expressed on more than one occasion that he and the front office have attempted to re-sign restricted free agent Greg Monroe. But the two sides remain at a stalemate as we enter August.

Van Gundy has noted that a few roadblocks have prevented the two sides from finding that needed middle ground, however, there may be more than just some small issues preventing the two from making a deal. In fact, according to Adrian Wojnarowski (who appeared on Aime Mukendi Jr.’s AIMEzing Words podcast), Greg Monroe really doesn’t want to return to the Detroit Pistons.

Greg Monroe, Detroit has tried to help him with some sign-and-trade possibilities around the league. Monroe doesn’t really have a great interest in going back and playing with the Pistons. But if they’re going to move him in a sign and trade, they’ve got to get value for him. And they’ve got to get back some significant players, some significant talent, to compensate for that loss. They haven’t been able to find a deal for him.

If true, that’s a significant wrench into the contract negotiations between the Detroit Pistons and Greg Monroe.

As to the options for the former Georgetown product, he can either re-sign long term with the franchise (something he doesn’t appear interested in), hope for a sign-and-trade scenario or he can sign a one-year tender with the Pistons and become an unrestricted free agent at season end.

Only the Philadelphia 76ers have enough cap space to sign him outright and they do not appear interested in doing so (and it’s possible the Pistons would match said offer).

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