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Paul Goldschmidt has X-rays on left hand

Don’t look now, but the Arizona Diamondbacks are mad again. At issue: slugger and MVP candidate Paul Goldschmidt took a fastball to the left hand in the ninth inning of a lopsided loss on Friday night.

That incident sent the star first baseman in for X-rays, with the Diamondbacks now nervously waiting on the results. As for why they are mad, well, it’s not easy being the new police of the National League, OK? With Brian McCann over in the American League, somebody had to take over, and Kirk Gibson and company have been bearing part of that load (with the Braves still happy to do their part).

According to the Diamondbacks, Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher Ernesto Frieri violated one of those darn unwritten rules by pitching inside with a big lead (the Pirates were winning 9-4). Gibson was visibly upset from the dugout, though the difference between his “mad face” and his normal disposition is subtle indeed.

Arizona first base coach Dave McKay said something at the end of the game, causing a little kerfuffle. According to Zach Buchanan of azcentral.com, McKay barked, “You’ve got better command than that” as he ran by Pittsburgh, somehow implying that it was intentional.

Miguel Montero continued with a slightly different thread after the game, saying: “I don’t know what to think…It’s a little shady to be honest.”

As for Goldschmidt, he who might have a broken hand, he is the only reasonable party here, as he simply asked: “What do you want him to, throw it down the middle?”

It’s not hard to figure out how the Diamondbacks got where they are when you see how obsessed they get with stuff like this. For now, they will hope for good news on Goldschmidt’s X-rays while they brood over this perceived violation by Frieri.

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