After Ray Rice reaction, Keith Olbermann calls for Roger Goodell to resign (Video)

Keith Olbermann has an idea for how Roger Goodell can help the NFL get back its good name after its weak suspension of Ray Rice in the wake of his domestic violence arrest and subsequent lame response to public outrage over same. Olbermann thinks Goodell should resign as commissioner.

In one of his patented tirades, Olbermann calls Goodell’s response to the Rice outcry tone-deaf and refers to the league’s behavior as “enabling.” Olbermann calls out the NFL for leveling a less severe punishment against Rice than they give to players for smoking pot. He calls out Rice for refusing to truly own up to his actions in his press conference.

He reams Rice for his claims that he now wants to speak out against domestic violence, and hammers Goodell for his dubious claims that the NFL has taken a stern stance against domestic violence, citing the NFL’s leniency with Ben Roethlisberger.

Olbermann blasts Goodell for undermining the league’s own investigation by interviewing Rice and his wife together. He calls out Goodell for “figuratively” punching every woman in America.

He then recites a litany of Goodell’s other failures as commissioner, including his stance on the Redskins nickname, and concludes that Goodell gots to go.

So, that might be a tough thing for Goodell to see this morning while he’s eating his Cheerios, eh?

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