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Bill O'Brien: Ryan Fitzpatrick 'getting better every day'

Coming off a disastrous 2013 season that earned them the no. 1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, the Houston Texans are a hot pick to enjoy an immediate turnaround in 2014.

With a talented roster on both sides of the ball that many picked to win the division last season, the Texans have the goods to quickly rinse off one bad season and get back in the thick of things. That is especially true because they play in the underwhelming AFC South.

There is just one big, gigantic, stinking, looming ‘IF’ to that plan, however: Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be the team’s starting quarterback. Even with Fitzpatrick’s track record with the Buffalo Bills in past seasons, that fact is enough to throw ice water on everybody’s excitement.

If Fitzpatrick can play well or at least keep the ship on track, however, the Texans might have something. Head coach Bill O’Brien is expressing confidence in his quarterback’s ability to do just that.

This weekend O’Brien discussed how pleased he has been with Fitzpatrick’s progress thus far (from the Houston Chronicle):

“I think he is getting better every day. He’s more and more comfortable. You know, there is a lot to this offense. It’s good to have a guy that has been in a few offenses. Obviously, a 10-year guy, and he’s a very bright guy…He’s really improved every day I believe.”

O’Brien described his offense as quarterback friendly, which seems to indicate that he believes it can create opportunities for otherwise mediocre QB’s to perhaps overachieve and succeed. With Fitzpatrick posting a 55.4 Total QBR last season, O’Brien better hope he is right.

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