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Feb 11, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) warms up before their game against the Atlanta Hawks at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls owner to move on from Derrick Rose 'tension'

Over the weekend a report leaked suggesting that there was mounting tension between the Chicago Bulls (namely owner Jerry Reinsdorf) and star player, Derrick Rose.

It certainly wasn’t the first time there had been noise about potential animosity between the two sides, but Reinsdorf was quick to squash the report, putting out a statement shortly thereafter which denied all the allegations. For what it’s worth, Derrick Rose was quick to follow suit and all but agreed with the Chicago Bulls owner, though it’s difficult to tell if he was simply trying to sweep things under the rug or if he actually felt the way he described.

Whatever the case, it seems as if we’ve heard the last of it – at least for now – as Jerry Reinsdorf says he’s ready to put the situation behind him.

Chicago Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said Sunday he is ready to “move on” after issuing a strong rebuke last week to a Chicago Sun-Times story that reported “tension” between point guard Derrick Rose and the team.

“The article infuriated me,” Reinsdorf said. “I put out a statement and said what I felt I had to say.”

As talented as the Bulls have been on the floor in recent years, there has been alleged underlying issues in the front office. Some have even went as far as to suggest that coaches and members of the front office are not on speaking terms, so needless to say there has been drama in the upper echelon of the Chicago Bulls organization before. Still, it seems as if Rose and the Bulls are on the same page as the former MVP returns from injury.

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