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Jeremy Maclin limps off practice field, appears to be OK

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When it comes to the minor dings and dents that inevitably happen over the course of an NFL training camp, not all situations are created equal.

For some guys, it is no big deal when they go down for a moment but then return to action the next day. It’s not even worth a second look, really. But for other guys, those players with injury histories, each bump in the road gets a little bit of extra attention.

Any injury for wide receiver Philadelphia Eagles’ Jeremy Maclin falls firmly in the latter category after he missed the entire 2013 season with an ACL injury. So it was that the Eagles and interested observers everywhere held their breath at the news that Maclin limped off the practice field on Monday.

Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly lays out what happened:

So you can understand the concern Monday when Maclin came up gimpy during wide receiver-cornerback drills, removed his helmet and limped toward the sideline. He had beaten Cary Williams to make the catch, but went to the ground and appeared agitated as he got back up.

He skipped a punt-return drill and then went back onto the field for a team drill, but the sixth-year receiver removed himself again after making a catch across the middle. Maclin stayed on the sideline and didn’t return for the rest of the session.

As for the man himself, Maclin really didn’t want to talk about it, insisting that he is fine and that there is nothing to see here:

“I’ll be back out there tomorrow, fellas, all right?” he said, refusing to answer any other questions.

It might annoy Maclin to have to answer those questions, but his importance to this Eagles’ team is without question. He seems to be a dream fit for coach Chip Kelly’s system and the team will be counting on him to help account for the loss of DeSean Jackson‘s explosive production.

The possibility of losing Maclin to another injury is no joke for the Eagles, but it sounds like everything is fine for now.

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