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Seattle Seahawks rumors: Russell Wilson's price tag goes up after Andy Dalton extension

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One year from now, the Seattle Seahawks will have to get serious about signing franchise quarterback Russell Wilson to a big money, multi-year contract. Their days of paying him less than $1 million will finally be over.

A number of factors will influence the price tag on Wilson’s extension. Of those factors, the lunacy of Andy Dalton‘s $115 million extension with the Cincinnati Bengals this off-season will be one of a number of reasons that the Seahawks have to pony up some serious dough.

Sarah Kirkpatrick writes the following about what Dalton’s extension means for the Seahawks and Wilson:

Wilson is set to make just $817,000 including bonuses in 2014, as he nears the end of his rookie contract.

One year from now, the Seahawks will likely pay up to keep their superstar signal-caller, extending his contract before he hits free-agency in 2016. And Dalton’s signing is just the latest that could push Wilson’s price tag sky-high.

Kirkpatrick points to Colin Kaepernick‘s nuanced $126 million extension as another landmark as the Seahawks start to ponder what it will cost to keep a young quarterback who has already shown he can handle the pressure of the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks will pay Wilson. How much they pay him is one question, and how that number cuts into the ridiculous depth that Seattle currently enjoys is another.

Thankfully for Pete Carroll and company, they have another year before they have to worry about that. But in the meantime, you better believe they were rolling their eyes with the rest of us when they saw Dalton’s deal on Monday.

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